Property Management

Discover dependable property management solutions in the Metro Detroit area with SunByrnes Properties.

Investing in a rental property is a significant commitment, and it’s crucial to ensure it’s managed professionally. SunByrnes’ property management is comprised of a highly skilled team dedicated to handling all aspects of property management. With a track record of assisting landlords in optimizing their rental investments, we’re your trusted partner in the industry. Manage and protect your investment with SunByrnes Properties and Construction.

Why Choose SunByrnes Property Management?

By partnering with us, you gain the freedom to focus on what matters most to you while enjoying significant cost savings. We possess in-depth knowledge of landlord-tenant laws and pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service that tenants appreciate.

Sit back and relax while we handle the workload, allowing you to enjoy the returns from your property investment.

Our Comprehensive Property Management Services

Comprehensive property management services in Macomb and Oakland County

Marketing and Advertising of Your Rental Property

Marketing is a numbers game, and the larger your pool of prospective tenants, the better your chances of finding the right tenants quickly. SunByrnes Properties has a unique advantage with our extensive resources accumulated over the years, along with a knowledgeable and skilled team. We’ll highlight your property’s best features, market your units effectively, and suggest improvements to capture your target audience. Let us handle this aspect of property marketing and advertising while you save time and focus on other important matters.

Tenant Placement

Assessing the character of applicants is a skill, and our property management team excels in this area. We can filter out undesirable applicants by scrutinizing their applications, ensuring that only qualified tenants gain access to your rental property. We focus on finding tenants with excellent credit scores, solid references, impeccable tenant histories, and suitable income.

SunByrnes Property & Construction helps with finding the right tenant for your property

Rent Collection

We can establish an efficient rental collection system that works effectively. Our goal is to ensure that tenants in your property consistently pay on time, as they’ll sign leasing agreements with a clear understanding of our rent collection policies. SunByrnes Properties also offers multiple payment options online, making it more convenient for tenants to fulfill their rental obligations.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

With experience in the industry, we recognize that well-maintained rental properties increase in value. We address everything from minor problems like sink leaks to major rehabbing of units. SunByrnes Properties is there to help promptly prevent issues from escalating into more costly repairs. SunByrnes’ property management focuses on identifying property damage and engaging only the best licensed contractors and vendors to handle repairs, resulting in cost savings for you.

SunByrnes Property and Construction property management services takes care of repairs and maintenance

Detailed Financial Reporting

If you’re a self-managing landlord, your days are often consumed by tenant requests, marketing vacant units, chasing rent payments, and screening tenants. Organizing vital paperwork can become a daunting task. SunByrnes’ property management simplifies this for you by providing access to an online portal where you can conveniently view your statements, profits, and expenses in one place. Our digital financial reports are well-organized and easily accessible through a simple login.

Professional Advising

As experts in the field of rental property investment, SunByrnes Properties provides invaluable guidance to investors in many aspects. Whether it’s navigating the complex landscape of insurance to safeguard your assets, formulating effective marketing strategies to attract quality tenants, or making sound business decisions for long-term success, we’re here to offer seasoned advice.

Areas We Serve

We are proud to offer our esteemed property management services in the following areas:

  • Oakland County
  • Macomb County

Property Management Pricing

  • 9% of monthly rent
  • Leasing Fee 100% First Month’s Rent
  • Lease Renewal Fee $250

We are committed to providing our leasing and property management services at competitive rates while providing the highest quality service.

This is the fee typically charged for finding tenants, screening potential tenants, and creating the lease.

The tenant placement process begins by completing a detailed analysis of your property which we use to determine the maximum market rental rate for your home. We will then assist with any make-ready maintenance work (if necessary), take professional photographs, advertise your property, take calls, and answer tenant inquiries, show your property to interested prospects, qualify applicants, draft the lease, set tenant expectations, and complete move-in documentation.

Custom Market Analysis Report and Property Evaluation

Services included:

  • Professional Marketing
  • Dedicated Property Management Team
  • Comprehensive Application Screening
  • Move-In and Move Out Inspections
  • Preventive and routine maintenance coordination
  • Client and Resident Online Portals
  • Cross-platform Advertising
  • Self-Scheduling Feature and Dynamic Leasing Tools
  • Lease Preparation with timely Digital Lease Signing
  • Resident Benefits Package
  • Resident Liability Insurance
  • Lease Enforcement & HOA Compliance
  • 2 Annual Periodic Maintenance Assessments
  • Proper handling of Security Deposits
  • Monthly Financial Statements and Reporting
  • Electronic deposits of monthly distribution
  • Full-time Accounting team
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline
  • Property Turnover Coordination
  • HVAC Filter Delivery Service

Reach out to our team today by filling out our contact form or giving us a call at 586-997-8500. We will start with an initial assessment of your property, and then discuss your rental business goals. We can’t wait to begin maximizing the success of your rental property. Trust SunByrnes Properties and Construction for professional, hassle-free property management services.

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