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About SunByrnes Properties & Construction

At SunByrnes Properties & Construction, we’re passionate about real estate and committed to exceptional service. We specialize in commercial and multifamily properties, where our experienced team excels in investing, developing, and managing to ensure your trust and satisfaction.

What really sets us apart, is our client-focused approach, which emphasizes long-term success and high-quality outcomes in everything we do – from construction to property maintenance and property management. We believe in building strong, trustworthy relationships with tenants, lenders, and vendors. By prioritizing long-term integrity, we ensure the greatest benefits and immediate satisfaction for our clients.

We offer real estate solutions that go beyond the norm. We’re not just about real estate – we’re here to transform the way you invest, develop, and manage properties. With our expertise and dedication, we’re shaping lasting and inspiring environments. Your journey to exceptional real estate begins right here!

SunByrnes Properties & Construction abides by Equal Opportunity Housing and Fair Housing Laws.

Brad Byrnes – President

Brad Byrnes, an innovative entrepreneur known for his remarkable achievements in both real estate and technology. As the driving force behind SunByrnes Properties & Construction, Brad has cultivated a journey marked by ingenuity and commitment to understanding client needs.

Brad’s early start into the tech industry saw him excel in computer sales and internet services. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of Xpert Technologies in 2007, swiftly becoming a premier IT vendor known for unparalleled quality which translates to his current ventures in real estate, striving for quality service.

In 2014, Brad founded SunByrnes Properties & Construction, specializing in commercial office buildings. Possessing a realtor’s license and building expertise, he expanded into multifamily home construction, a venture he continues to grow. Brad’s experience extends to general contracting in both commercial and residential sectors.

Brad Byrnes’ success in technology and expertise in real estate defines his leadership. His innovative approach and dedication to quality have positioned SunByrnes Properties & Construction at the forefront of the industry, making him a true leader in excellence.

Professional and community involvement

  • Troy Chamber of Commerce – Board Member
  • The Rainbow Connection – Board Member


  • Oakland University – B.S. Accounting & Finance 2008